yes, it's written by patrick arnold and yes it's an ad for ergopharm's product....but you know what? they have never deceived us (knowingly) and released some top-quality products.

shows some pretty significant (and i reckon, hopefully unbiased) stuff. here's a page on how to convert your powders into sublinguals:

good candidates? anything not requiring a huge dose that isnt methylated. 3-alpha, 1-T ether (maybe) come to mind....and of course tren which i will keep you all updated on bessie's experiment with that. stuff like 4-ad and 1-ad and 19-nor require prohibitively high doses to be useful at dosing this way.....25mg max every 2 hours could get old if it was more than 3x/day.

my success with androdiol pre-workout is what has spurned this investigation...looks like PA's study confirms my suspicions that androdiol really jacks the test up for a while.