? Lab Tests: Estrogen, Testosterone, etc.

  1. ? Lab Tests: Estrogen, Testosterone, etc.

    I wanted some advice from the brain-trust here concerning lab testing. Not so much the how and if, but the what.

    That is, I can get some lab work this week fairly inexpensively, but I am unsure which tests are best to have.

    In simply layman's terms, I want to check the following:
    • Test levels
    • Estrogen levels
    • Liver health
    • Cholesterol levels
    The last one is a no brainer, as I can get a cholesterol test for free at this lab, simply for paying for any other test. So that's covered.

    Also, it seems that the liver health test they offer pretty well covers what I need. It says, "This test checks the basic functioning of the liver. It includes albumin, alkaline phosphatase, ALT (SGPT), AST (SGOT), bilirubin, total bilirubin, and protein. See each item for further detail."

    Where I get a little confused about what I need is when we get into looking at the sex hormones. I guess this is because these tests are administered for so many different purposes so there are many different possible profiles.

    What I am looking at is, for estrogen levels I can either have:

    (1) Estradiol test
    (2) Estrone test
    (3) Estrogens, total

    The 2nd test seems to be more for women and in particular, as a test for ovarian cancer. Though it does mention that this test is sometimes given to men when testicular cancer is suspected. In any case, it is not what I'm looking for.

    That leaves estradiol and the total estrogens test.

    For the estrogens test it says: "Total estrogens may be used to evaluate for an ovarian estrogen-producing tumor in the premenarcheal and postmenopausal female, or to evaluate estrogen excess in males."

    For estradiol, some of the blurb about the test says: "The male testes produce a small amount of estradiol. Elevated levels in males can lead to gynocomastia (breast tenderness or soreness). Increased body fat that can deactivate male androgens may cause increased estradiol levels in males."

    It seems to me that either might fit the bill. I'm not looking to a test to help me ward off gyno or anything. I know how to watch for those signs and will be doing these tests pre and post cycle, not on, so that info would be useless in that regard... but is it not still the estradiol level that I need to know? To see that my system gets back to normal after a cycle? etc.

    The same confusion exists for me on the testosterone side of things, though to a lesser extent as I believe I know the answer.

    For testosterone, I have essentially two options as well:

    (1) Testosterone, total serum
    (2) Testicular profile

    The first one seems to just be a 'total' testosterone test, without any breakdown as to free or bound or other factors. This may be sufficient. I wish that it was because the testicular profile test is much more expensive.

    The testicular test says: "This set of tests include Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH); luteinizing hormone (LH); testosterone, total and free. The Testicular Function Profile is a set of tests designed to check the proper functioning of the testes. Results that are out of range can help identify reasons for infertility or low male hormone levels. "

    That sounds to me like what I need for that to be worthwhile. Though, like I said, I wish the less expensive total testosterone test would be sufficient.

    Any suggestions or information for me on these sorts of tests and which to do and what to look for?

  2. Definitely go for the testicular profile. Baseline LH and FSH is really good information, especially if you've never run a cycle of any type and you plan on getting tested post cycle.

    As for estrogens, you'll want estradiol.

    For the liver you might wanna add LDH (lactate dehydrogenase), because mine always goes up while on orals, along with AST and ALT.

    For Cholesterol make sure it includes HDL. You can subtract your HDL value from your total cholesterol value to get your LDL. This calculated LDL value will include VLDL, but if you want them all differentiated it will most likely cost you more, and is unnecessary IMO.

  3. Thank you!!!!

    It seems like it took FOREVER to get a response to this... (I actually reposted it a few times to get it back high on the 'new posts' list.) Thanks a lot. From your other posts and former help of me and others, I know you know your stuff in this regard and I appreciate your reply.

    Any others care to add anything? Turns out, I'll be doing the testing next week, instead of this week.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by shootmeagain
    Any others care to add anything?
    I don't know how much this stuff costs because it's all free to me , and I don't know how much you wanna spend but you might wanna look into getting a thyroid panel. Especially if you ever plan on using Triac or T3. You'll need TSH, total T3, total T4, and free T4, and possibly free T3.

    To me this is just all good info to have before you start screwing around with your hormones.

    Have you cycled anything before?

  5. I have used M1-T and Methyl-Dien before. Now that I have been 'off' for a while, I would like to see what my test levels, estrogen levels, and such, are... before I do anything else that might effect them, so I can know what is going on and can tell when I return to 'normal' levels in the future.

    Trimax (triac) is one possibility for me in the near future, so I may add the thyroid panel. I am assuming that, similar to PH usage, that there is a post-cycle period with triac, where the thyroid needs some support to get back to normal. Is this correct?

    Thanks again for your help.

    And... *bleah* for you and your free tests... LOL

  6. post em if you get the chance.

  7. Here is a thread which explains what Dr.Crisler aka Swale, looks at

    Total Test
    Free Test-or Bioavailable test
    Estrodiol (specify extraction method or sensitive)
    Thyroid Panel
    Comp. Metabolic panel
    Lipid profile
    IGF-1 (if using hgh)

    Hope this helps

  8. Yeah, thanks... that is helpful.

    I'm looking forward to knowing the numbers regarding these things about myself and my system. It helps take some guesswork out of planning.


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