winny only cycle?

  1. winny only cycle?

    Hey guys, i have a question, one of my friends has done a winny only cycle and gained about 20lbs while remaining almost the same %bf. I am very skeptical of this and i know that no one usually runs winny only cycle because (as far as i understand) winny will cut off your natural test production, and therefore you will have low test levels and get all the sides related to that (I have had the pleasure of experiencing how it feels to have low test levels, when i was on 1ad and didn’t stack it with 4ad, i started having mood swings, no appetite, and sleepiness). I was wondering for someone who hasn’t done anything but 1 full 1ad cycle, would it be beneficial to do a winny only cycle for bulking? If so what kind of results can be expected out of this?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Too young to be thinking about AAS give it another few years. Also 20lbs off winny that's a joke right. Read the board rules before posting anything else on our board.

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