Extending/changing bulking cycle to cutting

  1. Extending/changing bulking cycle to cutting

    I'm about to finish up the following cycle:

    Cycle (my 1st):
    4 wks - trans 1-test 200mg ed
    4 wks - trans 4ad 200mg ed

    Obvious bulking, but mainly to aid in fixing serious symmetry/balance issues I've been having with my back.


    Right now I feel great and the effects are noticable. No sides I can detect. However, chances are that my dosing was too low because this started happening only recently. My BF% is much higher than I would like, I don't know the exact number but I'm guessing around 15-20%. I should have dieted before this cycle.

    Here's my question, would it be unadvisable to extend my cycle another 4 wks and use trimax? I'm thinking dropping 1test and using m1t/4ad alongside trimax. Ideally, I would rather use EC and diet w/o PHs but since this is going to my last cycle and dieting during PCT is bad, I figure I might as well extend it.

    Any input would be appreciated and I apologize if it's a dumb/redudant Q, I couldn't find my answer through search.

  2. I personally would extend the 1test to 6 weeks. 4 weeks is short for 1test imo. worry about the cutting after the cycle.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    I personally would extend the 1test to 6 weeks. 4 weeks is short for 1test imo. worry about the cutting after the cycle.
    Agreed, bulking and cutting shouldnt be used in the same sentence. Do one then the other. Finish you bulk with good pct then let your body recover for awhile then go for a cut. Using Trimax now would eat up your gains.

  4. For me the 1-test/4ad trans didn't make a noticeable difference for around a week, in a 4 week cycle that would really only leave 3 weeks for growth. I would go with the advice above and go 6 weeks. If you do decide to extend your cycle I wouldn't drop the 1-test trans for m1t. Maybe go to 300mg of 1-Test and 4AD.

    I have been using a low dose of T3 in my cycle in the sig, only up to 75mcg, and have increased strength through almost 3 weeks of T3. So far in week 5 and up 17lbs and leaner than when I started. I don't know how trimax compares to T3 in potency but a low dose might not effect your gains.

  5. I agree, I think the longer you maintain your new, higher 'bulked' level of muscle the eaisier it will be to maintiain, or at least return to it after a cut. yeah it sucks in the short term, but gives better results in the long term, and hey, summers a fair ways off yet...



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