superdrol and methyl-d?

  1. superdrol and methyl-d?

    i have a competition coming up in march and need to keep my weight down. would it be okay to stack superdrol and methyl d for 4-6 weeks? i was thinking about 20mgs/day of superdrol and 10mgs/day of md. thanks

  2. That will put weight on you, for sure. If you just want strength, MDHT would have been a good bet. If you cut, then run SD you should replenish your glycogen stores fully, put on some muscle, and have lots of endurance. Trouble is knowing just how to get your weight just right.

  3. So stacking mdien and SD would put weight on you? I've got 30 days worth

    of Methyl-D at 9mgs a day, would it be ok to run a 30 day SD/M-dien cycle? And if so,
    what might the effects be? I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate the mdien into my
    prohormone plans.

  4. thanks. i do have a little mdht. should i stack it with anything? i am going to be cutting for my meet, most likely 10-15 lbs, most of which is going to be water.

  5. SG07 and Powerlifter both of you should wait until your older to start taking any prohormones or prosteroids. It says your both 19 which means that if you read the rules you'd know that you shouldn't even be posting these questions. Most of these hormones have a 2-3 year shelf life if stored correctly (search for storage ideas), so store them until then until your 21 or older and the use them. Just eat good, sleep alot, and work out alot and your natural test will do the rest if you haven't already shut it down some.

    Hope you think about it.

  6. I'm intersted in this also. I got a meet in 8 weeks that I'm only about 10-12 pounds over for. I figured on losing maybe 5 or so pounds of real weight then cutting the last 5 of water a few days before. Nice and easy. I planned on running 20mg ed of SD for about 5-6 weeks with a moderate cut and see how it goes. Maybe switching to mdht the last few weeks. I've done it a number of times, but the SD is the unknown part for me. It's far enough out so I can change tactics if it doesn't go as I hope. Of course I can always just down a bottle of mag-cit the night before weigh in and be all set.

  7. 19 years old. Damn, I didn't see that until now. That's too young for this stuff.

    The moderators should make the age bold flashing red typeface if it's under 21.

  8. WannaGro, thanks for the parental advice, but I know what I'm doing. and thats not taking prohormones, its stocking up! If MD would be good to stack with Superdrol, I might buy more of it before the ban, as opposed to the miniscule amount I have right now. Also, not every 19 year old posting questions on this board is taking the prohormones we are inquiring about. Some of us actually want to learn before we jump headfirst into something that could screw with our HPTA. I'm just trying to figure out what would work best for me, theoretically, in a year when I turn 21. (Bday is in less than a month) Which is why I have refrained fom buying ANY M1T..Why anyone would use it, even for those kind of gains, just seems ludicrous to me. So, anyone care to answer how well SD would stack with MD?

  9. soccer guy, im glad you posted that. i did violate the rules, however, because its obvious my question was concerning use NOW. i admit, i am too young. sorry about the post.

  10. dont be sorry! Beg for more information and question authority! Also, please support me in my post that I will no doubt get shot to hell for titled "Age Limit 21: A Critical Review" And, it may not be smart to use PHs right now..but dont let anyone tell you what you can or cant do. Do the research and decide for yourself powerlifter. Whatever answer you come to, youll be a lot more satisfied with yourself knowing it was your decision.

  11. I didn't know you weren't taking them yet, because of the way you said you got thirty days worth it sounded like you were setting up for a cycle. I did know that powerlifter was taking them and he is also 19 and the one originally asking the questions. And as far as researching goes that is great, I did a ton before I started, but I would watch it if I were you because violating board rules can get your threads locked and possibly get you banned. Just use the seach and you can find anything. And for powerlifter check with your federation if its a sanctioned meet for drug testing rules because I'm not sure about how long this stuff stays in your system, but you don't want to fail a drug test after all the hard work you've done. If you just need to cut weight try the ECA stack or clen.

    Sorry to preach to you but why screw up you hormones now, when you have the rest of your life to do so. Also balls are nice to have and bitch tits aren't so if you are gonna do it make sure you've researched everything including pct. Alot of young guys haven't, like some on who think trib is good pct for like a 6 week 40mg/day M1t cycle. You may already know this stuff and it might sound really repetitive, but some don't.

    Good luck with your choices.

  12. wannagro, i have done a great amount of research and know plenty about pct. i know you don't want to hear this but this is not my first cycle at all. i did do a search and did not find any info about stacking methyl d and superdrol, so i thought i would ask.

  13. thank you for being nice about it wannagro..most people arent. i do intend to do a lot more research. Yes, I am trying to decide how to set up cycles. I like to plan things way in setting up the cycles now would allow me to determine which PHs to buy, etc. Anyway, thanks for the help


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