Pro mag help !

  1. Pro mag help !

    Hey guys , just started a pro mag cycle now on my 4th day of 75mg .Iam using cycle assist at 8 caps a day (split into 2 dosages) and atd alongside to to fend off any unwanted sides.
    Basically I wanted to know any opinions on wether it was safe to move to 100mg? If its worth it?
    This is my second cycle ,first was epi and I am 90kg 6ft 1 and 21 years old .

    Any help appriciated , please feel free to ask more questions

  2. I'd stick it out a bit at 75. You don't even really know if you're going to have side effects at only 4 days in. I got horrible back pumps on p-mag near the end of my cycle at only 75mg.

    75mg is a common dose. It's seems to be the sweet spot for gains with low amount of sides. Increasing the dosage really only makes the side effects worse.

  3. Thanks for quick reply ! Yes that is what I was hoping to hear , the first few days have been side free but I seem to be holding more water than usual , would you say this is normal with p-mag ?

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