Halo extreme +Cyanostane RX 6wk cycle PCT assistance

  1. Halo extreme +Cyanostane RX 6wk cycle PCT assistance

    Hello guys I am just about finished with my 6 wk Halo +Cyanostane RX cycle +Formastanzol(7 pumps 2x aday on cycle) I gained like 10lbs of lean muscle so far got about a week left. For my pct I was wondering if this was ok....2 Torem Citrate bottles for my SERM plus 2 bottles of Muscle Pharm's Battle Fuel XT+ my CEL cycle assist of course, so would this be enough ? Also will taking Gaspari Size On assist me also in maintaining my gains or will it just make me fat? Any input is good thanks guys! Another thing how would i dose my SERM I got the liquid kind and my last question, do i just start the SERM and the Battle Fuel XT at the same time right after my cycle?

  2. My fault I forgot to post this in the pct section guys !

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