To continue or not...?

  1. To continue or not...?

    Currently on a M1T only cycle...on day 11. My body accepts this compound very well and does not experience the bad sides everyone else experiences,therefore chose to do a m1t only cycle with proper liver/bp supps. I know M1t is a very strong compound that shuts you down and shouldn't be run long. However, I would like to extend my cycle by dropping the M1t after week 3 and running m4ohn for 3 weeks.

    My dilemma is...
    1) M4ohn takes a couple weeks to "kick in" so would my exogenous test levels drop dramatically and then climb when the m4ohn kicks in (which is obviously bad)
    2) due to the liver toxicity from m1t, should i give my liver a break
    3) would i be too shut down that the m4ohn is not worth running.

    Obviously there are users out there, but not much logs as far as running m4ohn following m1t. I am taking into account efficiency and safety.

    Note: I have never run m4ohn before.

  2. M1T shuts you down in about 2 days, if you can last 3 weeks on the stuff then I would just quit and start your PCT and give the liver a break. M1T will also lower your blood sugar and drop your good colesterol to single digits.

  3. No I think it would be pointless to run the m4ohn. You would already be so shut down and generally "****ed up" from your m1t cycle. Thats just my general

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