dermacrine & formeron questions

  1. Starting a new cycles in a few months and I'm considering adding dermacrine on cycle and adding formeron to my pct. Question is what is the normal dose used for both. From what I have found 4 pumps derm and follow recommended dose for formeron. Is this right.

    Fyi- will be a cut cycle running high dose of epi for 6 weeks. This is like my 4th cycle of epi so I pretty much know what to expect. The lethargy kicks my butt when I run epi over 40mg so I'm hopping derm will help. Pct with torem, etc.

    This will be my last ph/ds run.

  2. 4 pumps dermacrine always works for me .usually do 2 pumps formation one in morning one at night for the first week then one a day for the next 3

  3. Hate auto spell formaron

  4. Thanks for the info

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