feeling like **** on Superdrol

  1. Thumbs down feeling like **** on Superdrol

    I need to read the rules. I would like to apologize for being a 16year old kid trying to continually post in the PH section. J
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  2. That's what M1T does to a ton of people.

    All I know is that the lethergy from M1T and other Phs, is nothing like the Sust flu I used to get years ago on gear.

  3. liver stress??

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cobain67
    I have been on superdrol for the last 4 days, and man I feel lethargic as hell.. I feel really weak and sleepy too. The only thing that changed in my cycle was the addition of SUperdrol and the elimination of M14add.
    Maybe it has something to do with your HRT.


  5. Cobain67 I will not say this again. We have rules here, you are not old enough to post in this section. Your other threads weren't closed a reason. Consider this last warning.



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