Possible cycle, test/tren/dbol/EQ

  1. Possible cycle, test/tren/dbol/EQ

    Just wondering what you guys thought of this cycle, and if there would be any problems combining these compounds. here it is:

    Week 1-10: Test enan 500mg/week
    Week 1-10: EQ 300mg/week
    Week 1-8: Tren Ace 100mg eod
    Week 1-6: Dbol 40mg/day
    Week 11-12: Test prop 150mg eod


  2. the eq dose sounds a little low i would bump it up to 400 and also i'd personally run it for at least 12 weeks as you won't really feel it until around week 6

    other than that it sounds good, possibly start the tren week 3 after the test has kicked in to avoid sides, but that's a personal preference

    good luck man i'm sure you'll blow up to a real beast

  3. Thanks glenihan! I forgot to put in the first 2 weeks I will probably frontload with prop at 100-125mg eod. I only have a 10ml vial of eq at 300mg/ml, so that is why it is set at that dosage, dont really have any money for more. I will be running arimidex for the first 6 weeks at least while on the dbol, probably .25mg/day. Thinking about throwing in 10mg-20mg/day of superdrol with the dbol, I know I know 2 orals are bad, but it seems it would really help cut out some excess estrogen, it couldnt be as bad for you as running 150-200mg of drol a day, and the superdrol is staring at me to take it It should be a pretty bad ass cycle. Hey glen, your cycle is coming up pretty soon right?

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