My cycle Idea

  1. My cycle Idea

    Not sure if Im running this, but heres what I may do...

    Weeks 1-6 Superdrol at 20mgs/day
    Weeks 1-6 4ad (orally at a low dose) 300-600mgs a day, for libido only
    Weeks 3-4 T3 or trimax, I havent ever used t3 but have used trimax, not sure on dosage for t3

    Problem is I cant decide weather to keep cutting, or start bulking. Im getting kind of small so I may lean bulk for 6 weeks and cut out the t3 and then cut after my pct but who knows. I just really wanna see my abs for the first time in my life, so many decisions damnit.

  2. looks like an alright cycle...I'd do 600mg oral 4ad, 300 will have minimal effects...with that cycle you should have good leans gains even with the 4ad.
    what's the deal with that "creatine is more powerful than some steroids"...?

  3. SD doesn't kill libido from what I gather, so why would you run 4ad just to increase it? If you run T3 or Trimax run at least 3 week cycle.

  4. Grant, I'm not sure you should be running the 4ad for libido. SD is giving me increased libido 3 days and I'm only running 10 mg so far.

  5. Ive run trimax for 4 weeks, I felt effects before 2 weeks so thats not a problem. the creatine thing is makin fun of that guy, and I may run sd by itself, I dunno. Why would I run 4ad to help libido?? Well just covering my bases, well see though. Havent decided when Im going to run this

  6. I'd run 4ad just for the added mass your gonna get...and yeah i figured it was making fun of him but just checkin...

  7. seems tricky w/ the trimax/t3 thrown in there. do remember that sd will lean you out and make your more vascular.


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