Only one bottle of superdrol-should I..

  1. Smile Only one bottle of superdrol-should I..

    taped out and could only pick up one bottle of superdrol-(stocked up on tons of others 4-ad,m4ohn,1-test powder-before superdrol was out)have read most of the posts about superdrol and love sledge's products.which should I do one 4 week superdrol cycle with other goodies(1-t,+4ad) or split this into two two week cycles-WHICH ONE WOULD GIVE ME THE BEST BANG FOR MY BUCK?? 43 yrs old,6-1 235lbs and compete in non-tested strength events(also have numerous PH cycles under belt,and will be free of ph's for 6 weeks when I try the superdrol..thnkas guys in advance

  2. Do one 45 day cycle. Thats just my opinion. I'd just rather be on longer than a month. I you might get some extra gains in the 15 extra days. Thats what I would do anyway, 20 mg is enough, and it would make me feel like I had more. Or you can stack it with high doses of something elese and only use 10mg of SD. I just like to make anything I have a limited supply of last a little while.

  3. I like 20mg stacked with any number of other things; check around for ideas posted all over based on desired results/goals. 6 weeks seems ideal to me too, although I love to stretch to 8 sometimes...

  4. IMO,one superdrol cycle with other goodies(1-t,+4ad).

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