First Cycle Begins..

  1. Smile First Cycle Begins..

    A picture says it all..

    Let the games begin and thanks again for all the help and I will let you know how it all goes
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  2. i've heard that 50ml jug can be painful. might want to have something on hand to cut it with if the need arises.

  3. I was planning on doing 500mg of testo enanthate a week which is 1cc two times a week. What do you mean cut it with?

  4. My first post was here BTW:

    New Member has Questions

    I did not read that right. Beelzebub is trying to **** with my head :P

  5. nah bro, not ****ing with ya.

    QV250 50ml jugs are said to be more painful, more BA or something. so i would have something on hand to dilute it with, like more oil for instance, or possibly B-12.

  6. Well ****... I do not have anything on hand to dilute it with now. Should I just try and inject the first 1cc or wait until I get something?

  7. I decided to hold off a couple days on the cycle until I can get some oil. Actually, I have it coming already now. Being my first time, I would rather make sure it does not go bad. I took one 10mg Dbol this morning but will hold off on that too. Kind of sucks.. Really wanted to get moving on it today.

    Thanks for the comments again. I will post progress once I start.

  8. cut it with some deca or eq and get some extra aid in your cycle...but I have never had any pain from qv enan....but never used the jug either !

  9. No pain no gain. I just injected about 10 minutes ago and it went smooth. No pain at all yet... I warmed the oil up in the syringe with hot water and sucked it up with a 20 gauge and shot it in with a 25 guage in my delt. It took forever to push it in with the 25 guage but it did finally all go in. Here we go!

  10. Awesome...i wish you HUGE GAINS on your cycle, bro. Keep us updated!

  11. good deal with the inject. again, it's just what i've heard, not what i've experienced.

  12. good luck chemist i'm sure you'll have a good time with it


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