1. Disapointed

    I was feeling really good about doing all this extra hiit style sprints 6 days a week. Today though I tried to check my bodyfat again with my fat track II. I can't get a consistant reading with that piece of crap!. But if I go by millimeters and look at a chart I get a consistant reading. According to the chart I am 9.4 percent. I just don't believe that though. I don't know, I mean all my fat deposits are in my man boobies and my gut, and of course my love handles!. My arms and legs are skinny in my opinion. I can also see one "abb" right under my torso I am really lean. Also though I have been on an mdien cycle for 9 days counting today. Last week I was 204 pounds, today I am 207. I just don't believe my bodyfat is that low though. I do get a consistant reading though using the supliac method?. Not sure on the spelling of that. I am just frustrated because right now I am concentrating exclusively on losing fat!. I should be dropping the pounds like crazy. My strength is the same in the gym. Actually I lost strength on deadlifts, but I have been substituting shrugs for deadlifts for a few weeks, but this last week I went back to deadlifts and was down 6 reps!. My other exercises stayed the same. In fact I was so pissed about the deadlifts that I did shrugs after and went up by 10 pounds and 3 reps on shrugs. Deadlifts just take a real lot out of me. I better stop blabbing now...You guys must think I lost my mind by now with these posts lately!

  2. I feel you. I have had my bodyfat low enough where I thought I should have been much more cut. I was going to a trainer who was doing my readings every week. This is just my opinion but screw testing in general. I feel that it had way too much of an effect on my goals (me personaly).

    When you know that you are doing everything right, and see yourself changing **** what a scale or calipers say. I bought a digital camera so I can take photos every few weeks.

    I feel your pain dude I have been lifing for three years and i still dont think I have the cutting diet perfected yet.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. yes supposedly the hand held testers are the least accureate, the most accurate being water/dunk testing and calipers are somewhere in the middle...I'm at around 8-10% and I can clearly see my six pack, at under 6 I should have an 8 pack (I HOPE)

  4. Yeah I was feeling good, because I can see I am getting leaner in the mirror, and I just feel it if you know what I mean. I can tell I have progressed. The damn calipers and the scale just piss me off. I don't keep a scale in my house, I use the same one down the street at rite aid.

  5. I think you already have it figured out Tbone.

    I think you have a different situation than most people. Your muscle mass has increased but not where you would think which would be in your strength exercises in the gym. IMO you have increased muscle because of the hit. At your body fat % you don't see the extra muscle in your legs but I believe it is there.

    BUT as you say you DO see you are leaner so VERY nice bro.



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