How long after first shot do you know?

  1. How long after first shot do you know?


    I home brewed my first batch of 4-AD Cyp recently and I am about to start using it in a cycle. Since it was my first attempt at homebrewing I was a bit scared that I made a mistake and the solution was not sterile. I did follow all procedures and I was pretty sure it was alright but none the less still a bit scared. Anyway last night I just shot one mL as a test. So far everything feels fine. Actually I can not even locate the inj site since it is so painless. Anyway I was wondering how long I have to wait before I can be certain it is sterile? So the question is, how long after injecting a non sterile solution would you become aware of pain, fever, or abcess?


  2. If its going to hurt, it usually starts by the following day... If it don't bother you at all in 24 hours, your probably fine. But pain don't mean that its not sterile... alot of stuff hurts (1-test cyp for instance). Though I don't believe 4ad is one of them. (although I never tried it, but I believe its similar to 5aa cyp which is smooth as silk at 200mg/ml).

  3. Thanks Poo. I know other things hurt from past experience also. HM Gear products are not pleasurable. Anyway so far I feel fine. Hopefully everything is ggod.


  4. 4ad-cyp is pretty pain free. Don't worry about sterility too much. As long as you have ~2%ba in there, and its very well mixed, and has had a chance to sit for 48 hours you are good to go. If you filter with .2um filiter then you don't have to wait at all.

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