Demonize and Evolve Log!! 8 Weeks to breaks PRs!

  1. Demonize and Evolve Log!! 8 Weeks to breaks PRs!

    sup everyone so ill be starting a log whch will be demonize followed by evolve by Anabolic Androgenic Research. Main goal here is strength will Lean gains..stats are 28 5'9 199-202 pounds about 9-10% bodyfat will consist of 300-350g protein 250-300g carbs 80-90g fats...will taper carbs and fats during off days and manipulate carb intake on refeed days...anyway current lifts : bench=370 deadlift=515 squat=420 OH press=225x2 ...I will continue to log progress of strength and size with pics videos training protocol is usaually a variation of 5x5 with a lot more volume (pretty much superset everything heavy as possbile in the 5x5 or 3x3 rep range) anyway keep u guys posted!!
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  2. ok here we go day i changed protocol to 1 demonzie 2 evolve and eventually 2 of each..oh how i love the dmz pumps...anyway nothing spectacular had some vicious pumps on friday during my arm session to the point i had to cut it short (felt like growing pains as a kid lasted until this morning) so hoping my arms get bigger as well 20 inch biceps would be nice!...anyway today is my nuts and bolts type workout bench squat deadlift ...stamina remained high even after set 4-5 ...insane pumps once again in my arms and chest well keep u posted in another 2 days...about once or twice a week i might test my new pr on bench squat dl and post videos of progress! I need that 405 bench! at least 400 !

  3. day 4-5 was back and traps today,endurance huge increase..superset 465 deadlift ,225 bent over row , to weighted pull ups 5 sets ....then moved on tbar rows 5 1/2 plates superset with 200 latpulldown to weighted close grip pullups 5 sets ..then drop set one arm rows 120 on down with 455 pound shrugs 4 sets.. after all this STILL felt i had more then me had to pull myself out of the far so good...ill weight myself in about 7 days see where i stand...anway muscle fullness and pumps are phenomenal so far

  4. This was from Saturday bench slight increase

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Size:  60.8 KBgot sick for couple weeks anyway still hit gym 3 days a week...coming up towards end have about a week left...bench has increased to 385 x2 which is huge for me...squat 405x2 ...and deadlift has not changed anyway strength has deff went up through the roof weight in today at 208.5 which is an 8pound increase .deff an increase in fullness and hardness along with strength

  6. should of done measusrements because my arms chest and traps have became really full and round loving it!

  7. Looks like you've got a solid foundation, I look forward to see what type of gains you can pick up from this cycle since I'm not too familiar with these compounds. What's your PCT?

  8. Thanks I've Deff put on some decent mass , my pct will consist of purity which is the same lab ,along side with clomid

  9. Starting pct tomorrow purity ,clomid, and hcgenerate ..deff recommend for strength and mass..will deff run again !

  10. What type of sides did you encounter?


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