One more friggin' question...

  1. One more friggin' question...

    Ok, Ive got one more question before I start the 'homebrew experience'

    Which stack do you think would provide more in terms of retained mass and strength gains?

    Per day:

    5aa 200mg
    Nor-Diol 500mg
    4AD 200mg


    200mg 1Test
    200mg 4AD


  2. I say about the same, gain-wise.. But there isn't enough 4AD in either of those, so the gains may not last.. At least with a high dose of 4AD (1200-1800mg) you'll see some estrogen effects, this can be good for gains.. Just as long as you don't have sensitivity to estrogen, this should work fiine.. Keep vitex, milk thistle, and 6-Oxo/Formastat handy..

  3. you know - I got puffy/sore nips on 750mg ORAL 4AD with 400mg Nordiol/transdermal. 750mg 4AD orally really isnt much at all, so I bet that could have been progesterone from the nor-diol.

    The more I think about it, I think a good month of T1 with an anti-e (formastat) during the cycle might be a real good, cost effective choice for some solid mass gain. And that's a low dose of 1test, so hair loss wont be much of a risk.

    After all, next month is:


    (That would be a great slogan if Chemo was a former used car salesman)

    Thanks for the reply,

  4. Go with the 1-test and 4-ad.... Many people have used it and love it... If your going for mass I like to go with 9g 4-ad and 6g 1-test... That will give you 300mg 4-ad /day and 200mg 1-test /day for a total of 30 days.... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya
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