Superdrol and PCT

  1. Superdrol and PCT

    I will be doing my first cycle of superdrol within next few months (never done ph's before), whats everyone recommend as far as recovery and pct? I am thinking 6-oxo, but for how long and dosage? Thanks.


  2. Thanks, i saw that thread. Since its my first ever cycle (and it will be a moderate one) i am not sure how much pct i should do if at all.

  3. some people say 6oxo is enough, but nolva would def. be the better choice,but i think u would be ok with the 6oxo from what some experts have said on this board.

  4. Go with nolva! its stronger and cheaper.

  5. nolva, nolva, nolva. that is what pct is, get used to it and screw the 6oxo and all that other bs.....

  6. Nolva it is, can you guys recommend a place to get it from? Also, what about liver protectants?


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