1test + 4ad dermal

  1. 1test + 4ad dermal

    I want to do a 3-4 week cycle of 1 test and 4ad dermal. I have roughtly 40 grams of 4 ad and 22 grams of 1 test. I want to do a rather weak cycle of these compounds so that I can do many cycles. My question is, how much 4ad do i need to take in respect to 1 test to keep my libido up? I was thinking about 400 mgs of 4ad and 200 mgs of 1 test a day. I am only about 160 pounds, and using 400 mgs of 4ad dermal and 600 mgs of 1,4 ad i gained 10 pounds and kept 7. Thanks in advanced.

  2. How long have you been lifting?

  3. 6 years now. I was into powerlifting so i stayed at a very low weight for a very long time. I didn't want to get over 145 for the longest time so that i could compete at 148.75. I was going to set the state record in bench until i got mono, and my liver and spleen swelled, and i had to give up bench pressing for about 3 months, couldn't get into the shape i felt that i wanted to be in, so i started bulking. I am up to 157 give and take now. Bench around 240.

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    How long have you been lifting?

  4. I wouldn't run it less than 5-6 wks personally. Did 5wks my first cycle 240mg 1t/360mg 4ad per day (1/2 am and 1/2 pm). Good gains, little to no sides.

  5. when powerlifting you didnt gain mass? at 160 your not really ready for phs imo, eat more. even if your 5 foot, 160 is too low a weight for phs. How tall r u? Your right though 2mg of 4ad for each 1mg of test.

  6. I was staying static... i am ripped as hell... very nice muscle tone. I am 5'8 160 give and take. I am pretty familar with ph's i give tons of advice on bodybuilding.com

    When competing in powerlifting, it is sorta like boxing, you want to pick your battles. I would murder people at 148 in west virginia, next weight class would be 165, and i would get killed (might i add i was going to compete in a tested organization so ph's/roids would kick me out.). So i ate a very high protein diet, but not a ton of calories so that my weight would stay within the 148 limit. I took no ph's what's so ever for strength gains at that time. I started my first cycle in november... i started upping my eating in october.. gained 5 pounds, then started cycle november first and gain 7-10 pounds. This was a very weak cycle. I had no sides, and used liquid nolva for pct. I am not a newbie by any since of the imagination when it comes to lifting, but to ph's I am very knowledgable about the compounds and what I want them to do, but when it comes to dermals, many people don't know much about them. Also i wanted a short cycle just to gain a bit of pounds so that i could cut anything bad off of me by spring break. Then wait a few months and do a larger cycle. I know since i have only posted on this site once or twice you think i am a newbie, but I have been posting on bodybuilding.com for a hell of a long time. (Not bragging or anything at all, just giving you some background.) I of course will have nolva and clomid mixture from ctd on hand at all times so that i will have my sh1t back to normal in no time.

    Here is a small profile pic of me off of bodybuilding.com


    I am not that scrawny =)
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