stack advice

  1. stack advice

    currently taking m1,[email protected] wanna stack with 1ad for 5 wks, only have enough 1ad for 4 wks could i finish with 1 wk of [email protected], I know i would be stacking meyhyls but it would only be for 1 wk

  2. Why?
    Just run the 1ad, and when it's gone it's gone.


  3. but isnt 4 wks too short, plus i got leftover m1t

  4. Save the left over m1t for another cycle.

    How much 1ad do you have?

  5. only 120 tabs

  6. I've had good luck adding m1t when I ran out of 1ad. stacking those two methyls can be scary.

  7. Don't do it for 2 reasons:

    1- M1t causes extreme shutdown, you do not want that at the end of a cycle. Save the m1t to jumostart a future cycle.

    2- You would be stacking 2 of the most toxic methyls available, bad idea.

    Either lower the dosage & spread the 1ad out over 5 weeks, get more 1ad, or run the M1,4 alone the last week.

  8. Bingo



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