Its contest time and i need help with a cycle

  1. Its contest time and i need help with a cycle

    Ok i am new at competing but not at bodybuilding, I am wanting to put on a little muscle as well as loose fat. Are there any bodybuilders that compete that could share with me a real good cutting cycle for contest time. I have done one other cycle of deca, test, and dbol. i am just trying to get opinions. i know a lot of people like EQ, test, prop, winny but i want someone that actually has took a certain cycle for a contest and did well. thanks in advance.

  2. you're too young to be using steriods man, sorry to say this but you're looking to permanently F yourself up

    read this: Under 21 and want to use AAS?

  3. agreed,should wait at least untill your mid 20`s.
  4. Wink

    what type of competition are you going into? Natural Bodybuilding? at 19 you should be able to make excellent gains and stay lean and vascular naturally. Just keep at it and save the juice for when your body has matured and reached its full natural potential. 18 and 19 were my best years in the gym, and that was juice free. Just check your diet and train'll lean and out and gain some lean mass easily if your doing these two most important aspects correctly.

    good luck,
    Carry On The Chaos

  5. my problem was that i cant get lean without loosing ALOT of muscle, I have already took one cycle of deca, test, dbol and got good gains off of it and now i am wanting to take a cutting cycle for this contest and then i wanna call it quites for the roids. Your help would be greatly appreciated if some people who have actually competed could tell me their cycle that works well. thanks

  6. Well, I've never competed while "enhanced" so I couldn't give my experience.. If you were at least 20, I'd leave some ideas.. I'd rather not due to the fact that you can take my words for medical advice..


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