superdol dosage and stacking

  1. superdol dosage and stacking

    Sorry for sounding ignorant right about now, but if i am going to go on superdol, should i have to stack it with anything to deal with any sides. such a 4ad or the likes. and dosage i was planning on 30mg for 4 weeks.

  2. the sides are minimal judging from the beta tester logs, only side being back cramps. 30mgs for 4 weeks is a hefty dose, 20mgs might do you just fine. might want to start at 20mg and ramp it up later if you're not satisfied.

  3. The beta testers ran SD solo. So, I would look at some other threads here where people have stacked it with other compounds. Dmitry stacked it with a few things and has been experiencing symptoms of gyno. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with different stacks.

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