Epi-Tren Cycle

  1. Epi-Tren Cycle

    So, running a 4wk cycle
    50/50/50/50 tren
    20/20/20/20 EPI
    Hawthorne Berry 2 wks prior and through cycle
    Protein and BCAAs through cycle
    DAA post cycle
    Revolution PCT

    Do I need to add anything or go with different PCT?
    Any organ shield needed?

  2. lol so over the course of 6 hours, you went from

    Quote Originally Posted by MRobinson View Post
    Been looking at different PHs for a while now. Looking at Test-600x with Tren75 on a 6 wk cycle. Any info on these PHs? Just want to make sure I'm getting a quality product. I'm wanting lean mass gains and decrease in body fat.
    Currently on the usual kind of stuff...C4, Deer Antler, Whey, CLA, Multivitamin, Fish Oil, B1, B12, etc...
    What do you think about starting the Test-600x and Tren75?
    to this thread.

    did u not like the response u got from your last thread? what products did u get now? wheres your serm? based on the compounds' general reputation, it looks like you just want a short cut to losing weight. ill repeat my last response

    focus on your diet because your cycle wont do shet until u fix it.

    do u drink beer a lot? i just get the feeling youre an alcoholic

  3. Don't drink at all

  4. The only reason people are saying your bf is to high is because anything greater than 15% bf puts you at a higher risk of sides like high blood pressure you can do what you like but looking at your cycle my two tips would be is drop the tren an oral tren is one of the most toxic ph there is and if you decide to drop the tren or not you need a better on cycle support Hawthorne berry is great for lowering blood pressure but not protecting your liver, you want to look at liv 52, n2guard, or cycle assist

  5. I'm adding the cycle assist. Have Erase Pro on the way too.

  6. well actually it depends what tren hes talking about. trenavar is the prohormone to tren, and its non methylated. methyl tren is exactly what it sounds like and is the most toxic steroid u can take

  7. Alright I'm not a fan of erase pro but I guess it will work, do you plan on trying to drop your bf before u start?

  8. L Stane for the assist

  9. L Stane for assist

  10. Look into tren-stane by ironflex
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  11. I'll check it out. Yes, I am decreasing BF before starting. It's coming along nicely. Went from 225lbs to 210 and decreased 3" from waist line in last 4 mo. Just putting things together right now.


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