twice a week enough with 1-test cyp?

  1. twice a week enough with 1-test cyp?

    I have some leftover 1-test cyp that I want to use to cut w/ in a couple of months and would rather just pin it twice a week at about 250mg rather than EOD. anybody see any problems with this?

  2. I think that will be fine.

  3. Yeah I dont get this either. I am currently running 1-test and I am shooting eod.
    for two reasons
    1. Everyone says it acts more like prop.
    2. I like shooting myself lol

    What I dont get is if I remember correctly

    <please anyone chime in if I am wrong, I am 60% on this>

    the ester is attached to the steroid so until it comes off it cannot attach to the steroid receptor site. THe longer the chain cypionate for example is 8 carbon atoms the longer it takes to come off then lets say prop which 3 carbon atoms i think.

    can anyone clarify this for me.
    Because if a cypionate ester is attached then it should not act like prop?

    Before anyone gets irate about this, I am being up front about this <<<<I am not very sure if what I stated is 100% true>>>>>>>


  4. I have done one cycle that included 1-test cyp.

    I was using 1800mg/wk of 4ad cyp, and I added 1-test cyp in the second month. 700mg the first week (3 injects per week). The fatigue was too much for me and I dropped down to 500mg/wk (2 injects per week).

    I think the reason people says it feels like prop is because you "feel" it (the 1-test lethargy that is) the next day. but I gained steadily over the cycle. 5 pounds the first week, then 3 pounds per week thereafter.

    I was cutting for the first two weeks, and went down to 166 at one point. Then bulking over the next 6 weeks I went up to 192. I was also on HCG throughout the cycle.

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