Who's Down With Frontloading?

  1. Who's Down With Frontloading?

    If anyone has any articles to post either way, pro's and con's, please do so, as I dont think I have a decent one.....

    Heres the idea behind frontloading:

    from Juice Authority
    "The idea behind frontloading comes from a common practice used in IV drug administration: To raise plasma levels fast. To keep them there docs often give a big IV bolus of the drug to immediately achieve the desired plasma level, the decrease the dose significantly to maintain that desired level. Frontloading approximates this, but you will still get peaks and valleys in blood levels of the drug because it is impossible to regulate drug distribution from a depot site like you can with an IV drip".

  2. I have no scienctific theory behind anything, but I believe that frontlaoding and ending with prop, does over all wonders for the body while trying to reach a certain point, and especially when coming off getting things back in working order a lot easier than being on 16 weeks of cyp straight

  3. no matter what the ester , it starts working the moment its injected , so frontloading will just help u reach constant blood levels of the compound faster , the steroid to kick in so to speak . so it can be helpful . definitely .
    but animal had this thread up on his board where he mentioned front loading would **** up ur tendons becos they have lesser time to adapt , quite right in his own way .
    quoting animal : "So if you 'frontload' and greatly increase the wt in a week, your tendons have not adapted and if your 'joints' are hurting, you have done it to yourself. "
    maybe use of orals will give ur tendons a break cos the strength isnt increasing as rapidly . and also orals cause igf-1 secretion by the liver .
    some will say the increased bloat will take care of the joints , true to an extent , but beyond a point it won't take any more whether its via AS, carbs, or creatine.

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