6 week bulking cycle, look good?

  1. 6 week bulking cycle, look good?

    Hey im a powerlifter looking to move up a weight class from 242 up to around 275..gonna run this for 5 weeks tell me what you think..first pro hormone cycle..used aas in the past but not for a few years..

    m14add - 220 mgs
    m5aa- 60 mgs pre work out only- 4x a week
    1-ad- 900 mgs

    post cyle- nolva

    gonna bump my protien up near 400 grams and use some creatine also.

  2. yeah I think that looks good except to doing 2 methyls.

  3. as strange as this may sound i didn't see much added benefit when going from 600mg 1ad to 900mg

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