Is one bottle enough?

  1. Is one bottle enough?

    I bottle of lig. nolva that has 60ml in it. I ml=20mg. correct? Or should I order two bottles? I am doing a straight 4 week superdrol cycle by itself. Thanks.

  2. I think it will be fine.

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  3. yup, that's enough.

  4. Thanks fellows. Ive been doing diffrent searches all morning and was just confusing myself. I am one of those guys who read into things too much instead of just reading whats there. Thanks for not flaming me. this is a great board. If I would of posted this over at that other site, they would of ripped me too pieces. U know what site I am talking about.

  5. I know several sites you're talking

  6. welcome to the board

  7. what about the concern w/ tamoxifen citrate and the citrate taking up space in the forumla so that you really need 3 ml to get 40mg?

  8. You are right, but 1 bottle still be enough. But I'd still ordered 2 of 'em. I mean what if you'll get gyno or drop it like it's hot drop it like it's hot and brake it, then you'll have spare bottle.


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