Need Bloodwork - Please read - Please help.

  1. Need Bloodwork - Please read - Please help.

    *EDIT - Just a little vague past info, but want to keep it short.. I did dbol cycle years ago when I was like 21 (im 27 now) and also did an Liquid oral tren cycle, messed around with PH a bit and never did it right... Ended up doing a TON of research about 9 months ago and was looking into doing a 12 week Test cycle, with hcg and all the goodies. Then I ended up getting sick with crohns disease, and never ended up doing the cycle... So I really need to get my blood levels checked. - The main question is- what are all the blood tests I should be asking my doc to run to see how messed up my levels are......

    Im scheduled to go to my primary doctors office, and I was going to have him check my test levels. I have crohns disease and heard that it can lower test levels. and I was curious to ask if someone can direct me to a thread or post up a list of bloodwork that I should be getting tested for?

    The problem with crohns is that my body isnt absorbing the nutrients I need, and its def not processing it to be able to put some mass on me.. SO i was thinking about asking my doc for a test injections to help with not only my already low test levels, But to get some weight back onto me.... I can EAT EAT EAT and its not going to do anything because of this disease, Its just an idea, and I am going to try and go though my doc legally. But even if I dont end up doing it, Id like to see my bloodwork due to my past stupid experimentation.

    Can someone post up a list of all the blood tests I should be asking to run to see where all my levels are at? Or add in a little advice?

    Much appreciated.

  2. If you're looking at steroids, have him do a full hormone panel. FULL PANEL.

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