Super Drol is up for sale right NOW!

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  1. Super Drol is up for sale right NOW!

  2. darius
    darius's Avatar

    out of stock now..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by darius
    out of stock now..

    The sale NEVER even started.

    Look here they say:

    Sorry, guys....Inventory control pulled it as soon as we put it up. The glitch is being fixed.

    Sorry about the late hour.

  4. GO GO GO the race is on!

    They ARE up for sale!

  5. yup, just got 2 more for myself. damn, i've got 6 bottles of this **** now. i think i have a problem.

  6. over 200 sold already

  7. their server is handling it real well. it was a lot faster than DS's sale.

  8. damm i wish i got my hands on some!!
  9. Thumbs down

    I got two bottles!!!!!! YES this is gonna be good untill i see the bill

  10. A midnight madness sale, it seems.

    428 left as of now $27,820.
    Hmm, looks like I'm a bit short...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bigGUNS04
    I got two bottles!!!!!! YES this is gonna be good untill i see the bill
    i hear ya bro. the CC bill kills me everytime.

  12. make that 404.....damn these quick....

  13. Quote Originally Posted by t_dot_porkchop
    make that 404.....damn these quick....
    is the sale still going?

  14. what type of ph is this "super drol" why so much hype?

  15. is it any better then M1T??

  16. I have 5 on the way from DS...should I get more..ummmmm...let me think???...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm...YUP!

  17. is the sale still going?
  18. Talking

    Just bought myself a bottle. Would have bought at least one more, but 65 bucks is pricey.

  19. At 8:00 AM CST they are still taking orders.

  20. We just got more in, so the amount will be bumped up. We had 2000 bottles in total made. I don't expect them to be here by the end of tonight

  21. uggg I already have 5... do I need any more?? Hmmmmm

    1fast was whipped into a frenzy last night!

  22. Went and looked for $hitz at about 9:30 this morning, and picked up 2 from Mike (in addition to 2 coming from Matt)


    only 1700 left.

    Pretty impressive 300 gone in a couple hours when most people where asleep or away from their computer.

    I agree most likely the other 1700 will be gone by tomorrow.

  24. If this stuff interests you, you'd better buy now and ask questions later. Of all the questionable supps and supp co's around, this is neither. Hurry up, the easter egg hunt is almost over!

    We'll start the "I missed the boat on superdrol, I need to talk about it" thread(s) very soon...


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