Extend test e to 20 weeks?

  1. Extend test e to 20 weeks?

    What do you guys think of doing a 10 week bulk then a 10 week cut on test e?
    i was planning to just do the bulk for 10 weeks then possibly cycling later this year for a cut, but would it be a better option to extend the cycle and do an 8-10 week cut using clen or albuterol etc?

  2. What about doing a 20 week slow bulk? Doing HIIT 5-7 days a week.. with aas in your system you can gain lean mass without gaining much fat

  3. already sitting on about 15% bro, wanting to drop down to 8% so need to cut

  4. Then i would just cut for 20 weeks.. but do it the right way.. on cycle you can maintain your bodyweight but still lower your BF %

  5. Imo it is better to get to where you want to be bf wise and then lean bulk.

  6. agreed


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