What to get for the wife

  1. What to get for the wife

    My wife wants to shed a little fat, and and some muscle and definition. Shes very active and works out alot but just wants an extra edge. Would Clen,T3, and ephidrine be good for her? ( cycle the clen for the ephedrine) How much of each and for how long should she do this, and do females need to do PCT? If so is it necessary with what I am inquiring about? If none of this is no good what do you recommend? Thanks for any help!

  2. If she really wants to use an AAS, then oxandrolone would be her best choice.

  3. Well there is no PCT necessary for clen, T3, or ephedrine. With that said, I would recommend a clen/ephedrine combo or just plain ephedrine for a couple months. Both work good for me, and T3 is a bit much for the first time don't you think? Also, I wouldn't want my gf taking any anabolics, I would never even want to chance her growing extra hair or deepening her voice. Just my two cents!

  4. A woman does not need post cycle meds. There is nothing wrong with a woman using certain drugs, such as oxandrolone, when done properly.
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  5. Here's another thread that explains things pretty well.

    Best anabolic for women

    Thanks to queen of the damned.

  6. What about IGF-1!

    If she is trying to shed pounds and tighten up you can't beat the effects of IGF-1 and an ECA.

  7. oxandrolone is a wise suggestion. this being your wifes first dip into non oct drugs, i would give her a go on clen and eph cycles (2 weeks - 2 weeks - repeat). Im leaning towards the clen/eph since i know my girl has done nicely using those.

  8. Honestly, I think both clen and ephedra are more dangerous than oxandrolone. Of course, this is assuming the oxandrolone is real.

  9. i would just start her on an eca maybe sesathin and see how that goes. I also noticed you made no mention of DIET. Does she have this in order? Not trying to be a jerk but that should be first before she even looks into supps or drugs.

  10. I would use MOHN a low dosages, if you can find some.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Honestly, I think both clen and ephedra are more dangerous than oxandrolone. Of course, this is assuming the oxandrolone is real.
    True Size, true. I wasnt trying to label oxandrolone as the harsher substance, just that my girl's first experience with supplements was a eph/clen stack. So SVT, what you getting your wifey?

  12. I'll probably get started her on the clen and eph. Alot of people have had good results with that. She does have a pretty good diet so thats already in order. Let you all know how it went when she completes her first cycle. Thanks for all the help!


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