Quick Insulin and GH question

  1. Quick Insulin and GH question

    When using insulin and GH, do I have to use the same IU for each? Example, I do 4IU's of GH in the morning and that late afternoon after working out I do insulin. Do I have to do 4IU's of insulin too?

    Not sure when using both that the amount of IU's used on GH has to amount to the same amount of IU's on slin. Thanks.

  2. I don't mean to sound mean but why in the hell should the IUs for slin and gh be equal? You can do gh with no slin or slin with no gh or a lot of gh and a little slin...

    Just be careful with the slin - it can majorly **** you up or kill you.

    Also, I think this thread is in the wrong forum.

  3. if your asking this, put all your gear in a box and send it to me. if that idea doesn't sound good, than go to the SLIN/GH/IGF-1 forum and read up on that stuff. insulin is the most dangerous hormone to manipulate in my POV, and wouldn't reccommend touching it until you know everything about it.

  4. Nute Boy,

    I know you from Pro Muscle board. You know alot about AS, working out and have done GREAT in your bodybuilding contests including the national qualifier and I respect you. Let me ask you to do ALOT of research BEFORE you do the slin.

    I think Big A over there has a write up how to do them.

    I have done slin but never GH, I am too cheap Slin can put you down QUICK so please be careful.




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