1. Aspiration

    Since I'm using 25's to shoot it seems almost impossible to get the damn oil to come out. How could you get blood to come up into the syringe with the little pressure your 2 fingers have on the syringe while holding it with your thumb and ring finger? I would think with such a small needle it would take more pressure. I tried to draw up some water with a used needle and it is harder than I thought. So the way I was aspirating probably was not enough pressure to draw up some blood if it was there. Maybe hold it like a hammer and use my thumb so i can pull it harder? Am I crazy or what

  2. The blood inside your veins has quite a bit of pressure behind it so pulling up blood wont take much pressure at all. I usually pull til' I see the some small bubbles or the air bubbles expanding. That is more than enough to aspirate.

  3. Exactly... If you see the bubbles you're good to go. They are also harder to pull up through the pin. Blood is generally easier.

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