2 questions

  1. 2 questions

    ok im keen on 4ad-
    can I cut it with

    then snort it?

    yes im serious- I hate topical stuff( I shower and sweat alot- training' work etc etc


    can you cut hard with t3/clen with just m5aa as the androgen as the muscle preserver?

    Thanks in advance please Strategos!!!!

  2. Do a search on "cyclodextrin" by poster "Strateg0s", he's detailed the methods to prepare Cyclo mixes. It's more than just add together and go.

    Another way of doing Cyclo mixes is to do it with Methanol, do a search for "3-alpha" by poster "Rogue Drone" for details there.

    My answer to the second question, M5 sufficent to preserve muscle on T3/Clen would be no, not sufficently strong enough for me personally, but others may feel differently. 1T would be my preservative/growth agent of choice.

  3. 1T or go with another active MDHT would be sufficent

  4. snorting hormones....how entertaining.

  5. thats ****ing crazy, but id like to hear the results

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    snorting hormones....how entertaining.
    not really all that uncommon.

    jinkillkill - i use cyclodiol ($.80/g - @ 10% 4-ad it's not cheap if you think strictly in terms of 4-ad mass, but not bad when you consider the availability) sublingually pre-workout for a short test boost when i'm on cycle. i really like the effect (20 minutes and it kicks in) and it only takes 250mg or so to do it.

    as for M5 being enough to retain muscle mass....if you werent using clen i'd say absolutely not. with clen, if the caloric deficit isnt TOO ridiculous, you shouldnt lose much. i'd still get 1-T and MDHT in there. 4OHT too if you got it.

  7. M5 and a T3/Clen stack could produce nice results with little loss of muscle under 2 conditions, the T3 dose wasnt insane and the M5 was very high. The only thing I would warn you about would be the cramps....damn that might be rough.....keep the water WAY up!


  8. Thanks for the replies'


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