Katanadrol 3.0 cycle question- should i stop?

  1. Katanadrol 3.0 cycle question- should i stop?

    Katanadrol 3.0 cycle question - should I stop? Need input I am on day 4 of my katana cycle. Right now I'm having a hard time focusing on the positives because I'm dealing with some other cycle related effects. I understand shutdown is natural with ph's, but I've noticed two things mainly in my first four days. First, my balls feel "cramped" for lack of a better word and at times it's borderline uncomfortable. Second, I don't know what a swollen prostate feels like, but I feel slight pressure in that area and I don't have the same "oomph" when I take a dump if you catch my drift. I realize this may be TMI but I am trying to assess if this is typical or if I should discontinue use. It's my first cycle and presently I'm going with the recommended bottle dose. I'm taking hcgenerate as well as cycle support throughout split into two dosages. I didn't pre load the cycle support FYI. Based in the above is the cycle support not enough? I have my full PCT ready to go in case I have to quit, but I'm just getting started and have been pumped to et this cycle going. A stated earlier its my first cycle and I've always lifted naturally. I've been on a recomp for about 4 months and pre cycle I was 205 at about 12%. I was eating 2200 calories while natty but I'm trying to eat 2500 to take advantage of being "on" so I can pack on a little muscle while doing this. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. i believe katana 3.0 is epiandrosterone. its so mild that its usually stacked with other compounds to actually mitigate effects of low test. id guess its all in your mind or its some other supplement just giving you softer poops

  3. Thanks onion. I misspoke I guess. It's not how soft it is, I feel like I'm having a hard time going or bearing down I guess. Definitely having discomfort or aching in my balls too, which I guess is normal, right? I knew all the sides coming into this but I didn't expect sore nuts and what not. Is this normal? Does it subside? I am def looking harder I'm noticing but I am not digging the ball discomfort.

  4. I dont think that ball shrinkage would cause your balls to be cramped. On the contrary, no?

  5. I have no idea, that is why I'm asking the question

  6. When I am on DAA (good DAA), my balls feel full and almost a bit blue ball feeling. That's when I feel cramped. But when I am on a cycle for a while and have had ball shrinkage I dont have that cramped problem. So the cramped issue you have makes no sense to me.

  7. Cramped or ache is the best way I can describe it. Balls feel like they are starting to "suck up" I guess.

  8. It's more of a full ache I guess. And they appear to be "sucking up" a bit if you catch my drift.

  9. I would try not to think about it, you are running a very mild compound and its been 4 days. It's hard to believe you would be experiencing any test shutdown or atrophy so soon.

  10. I agree. I'm not the hypochondriac Type so I only bring stuff up when I am concerned. My balls def ache and I feel slight pressure in that area. It started on day 3. Maybe it's the hcgenerate or the cycle support, who the hell knows.

    I was going to up my dosage week 2 but now I'm wondering if that will compound things.

    I will say hat I'm starting I see stuff day 4 even on a small dose. I stoked I see what 4 a day does assuming my balls stop hurting.

  11. Quit jerking off so much.

    Only time my balls hurt is from too much sex, or jacking off too much.

    Tell the truth. You've been beating the monkey like crazy since you started huh?

    That's the only explanation.

  12. You are on day 4 bro your fine you are just nervous and worried you will lose your sex drive

  13. Androsterone is a very weak hormone but it might lower your natural testosterone production that being said day 4 is not from testicular atrophy so calm down your balls are just achy man... I myself think that product is a waste of a cycle I mean what genius product formulator came up with the idea of putting a diuretic in a hormone product an then toss in some green tea extract... The best you can hope from that cycle is to lean up more so do not go upping your calories trying to put on size I am sorry to say you just wont.

    And just my 2 cents but yeah hcgenerate is about the worst on cycle product ever, the only hope that bottle has of keeping your natural test production going at all is if you fill it with Vaseline and use it to jerk off...

    officially the most negative post I have ever made on any board, maybe but not untrue.
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  14. lol wont let me thank ^^^

  15. Much appreciated input regardless man. I went with katana since it was my first cycle and I wanted to eat the waters with something very mild. I also don't want for t to be so obvious my wife finds out so I'm trying to stay low key. You are the first to tell me to keep my calories the same. At twice the dosage do you still feel this way? My hopes was to get into single digits on this cycle. I can jut as easy get back to 2200 of you think upping to 2500 is going to be a determine to fat loss.

  16. Well, i must say this cycle has been awesome so far. However, all good things must come to an end i guess. I'm wrapping up my 4th week today and I have enough to finish one more week. Next week i start PCT and I want to make sure i have all my facts straight. For something like Katanadrol, is 5 pumps of forma am/pm enough or do I need to go higher? Should I taper down the forma so that i run it full for 4 weeks and then another two past PCT at a tapered dosage or is that necessary? Also, 25/25/25/25 for clomid is my plan, so I want to confirm that it looks good to go as well. If you're looking for feedback on the cycle i'd be happy to give it, but I didn't want to bog down the post with what I realy need to confim.


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