Best Oral PH for a 23yrsold-193lbs-5'8- trying to cut and

  1. Best Oral PH for a 23yrsold-193lbs-5'8- trying to cut and

    build muscle. I would appreciate any advice. I started off at around 140ish in September, bulked until a few days ago and now weigh around 190lbs. I have a lot of training under my belt but Ive never been more serious about my lifting than I am today. I need a PH supplement regime for me to cut, yet build muscle and define it. I don't want to do an EC Stack because Im prescribed Adderall.

  2. For a first time cycle, you may want to look into epistane clones like RPN havoc of LGI Epi-10. Epistane is supposed to a more mild compound which is better for a first time run and is a very dry compound to help lean and harden up.

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