? On wait time between cycles

  1. ? On wait time between cycles

    Hey everyone I'm knew also to the site and Iv learned a lot so far I have a ?
    I completed my first epi cycle about 2 months ago ( beast epi 18 ) Iv been training clean for about 10 years and played it on the light side to see how my body would react
    I loved it !! No sides, got stronger and tighter and mildly bigger
    My ? Is 2 months enough to wait for next cycle? With a little increase in dose .. I do mean little in still very weary

  2. Did you run a proper pct? And how long was your cycle? (not including pct)

  3. A good rule of thumb would be no more than 3 cycles per year. This would allow a month cycle with 3 months off or a 6 weeker with 2.5 months off. More rest is always better. Its sometimes a real chore to hang onto the gains in between tho

  4. The cycle was 30 days of a light dose and yea I used a pct

  5. I guess what I'm asking is if you think 2 months 60 days would be enough time between cycles seeing I only was on 18mg my whole first cycle

  6. Usual rule of thumb time off = time on + pct so if you ran a 30 cycle and 30 day pct you'll have 60 days off


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