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  1. epi... Just hit week 2 of 3rd epi cycle and it's kicked in for sure. Can just "feel" it ya know. After week 2 I'm adding stano for rest of cycle. Apparently I'm a strong responder for epi the stuff works for me. And I need to lose weight and maintain strength so not trying to bulk at all.

    As for true PH? Sorry everyone but I love DHEA. The stuff is an all-around bonus for me personally. Maybe my body is naturally low on DHEA I don't know but it's good to me.

  2. What DHEA products have you ran?

  3. Ran haloplex (Hdrol clone) 2 different times with most results being the same with different styles of workouts. 6 weeks 75mg/day strength increase was great no sides (depends on person), lean gains, noticed strength by week 2 but only retained 4 of 13 lbs.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nelson44bears View Post
    ...did not expect to see hdrol on here lol. Don't get me wrong, its a great beginner ph! Good strength, little to no sides. But it jut doesn't make my top 5...which is the following:

    5. M-lmg gained a ton of mass from this! Great recovery and all-around good ph. Watch for shutdown and gyno!!

    4. Epi Pretty great all around PH. Can easily be stacked, also great beginner cycle. Shreds you the f*ck up!!

    3. Stanodrol putting stano on here not as a stand-alone but as a stacker. It is a staple in all my cycles. Low sides, extremely mild, but spectacularly effective at eliminating lethargy and tanked libido on cycle.

    2. Superdrol Not much to be said here. Massive gains. Not a subtle one at all. But also very harsh in the sides dept.

    1. Trenazone this is my winner. Amazing results from this compound stand-alone. Never been so strong, lean, and vascular as I was on TZ. Rates higher than SD because of fewer sides and the ability to run it longer (ie 8 weeks) due to it being much less harsh than SD.

    That's my list!
    Good write- up. Thanks for the quality input!

  5. products from wal mart

    generic brands basically. for me personally the main boost is energy/mood/libido. helps with libido big time when running an oral cycle.

    again -- this is just me personally. maybe it doesn't work for someone else. but i enjoy its benefits.

    Quote Originally Posted by antmike View Post
    What DHEA products have you ran?

  6. Only ph iv taken was spawn which is tren i belive? Was young and dumb and took it with no support or pct. Mad gains accompanied by a bad temper lol luckily no sides at all

  7. O gone are the days of when you could buy gaspari haladrol 50 from

    Them were the good ole days

    This and oristan-e and nolvadex Xt after and wow I will never forget the gains on that

    In fact I remember going to the team universe walking around to the booths that year and rich himself came up to me while i was standing at the booth with some o in hand saying this stuff is great get it now it won't be around long lol

    I should of really listen to him more lol

    Where we have come since then ........amazing ........

  8. 1. SD
    2. EPI
    3. M1T


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