Best option for transdermal test

  1. Best option for transdermal test

    I'm considering 3 options to run with anavar 80mg/day

    RS Transaderm
    Homebrew Transaderms:
    1. topical matrix carrier with test base (TNE)
    2. topical matrix carrier with bulk DHEA powder + Pregnenolone poweder

    (essentially the same as Transaderm and Dermacrine)

    Has anyone done homebrews or run the first two with var?


  2. You could always go with actual UGL Transdermal Testosterone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by El Hefe
    You could always go with actual UGL Transdermal Testosterone?
    Didn't know ugls produced any test creams.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  4. Same here.. haha. I have a buddy who wont pin and runs orals.. i told him he needs some type of test base so i was going to mix up a batch for us *puts lab coat on*

  5. Quote Originally Posted by flightposite View Post
    Didn't know ugls produced any test creams.
    They're starting to. I'm no chemist, but the trick is obviously in the carrier/penetrating agent. Some earlier versions were crap. But now they're starting to figure some things out.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    trans tne. f*ck dhea. lol

  7. Alright so i will make up a batch of trans tne/test base. i am planning on mixing it from Topical Matrix from a very SMART source. do i have to do anything to the tne besides the math to figure out <= 10% concentration of tne to carrier?

  8. Yup I have seen them and used from a UGL and loved it. I will be doing that for now one. It's nice to do it in a stack that you have to pin so it saves you a few aches. It also saves me a few bucks : ). So I can spend more in the wife. : (


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