Mdrol Havoc bridge, LETRO?

  1. Mdrol Havoc bridge, LETRO?

    Running this cycle currently on week 2

    Mdrol 10/10/20/0/0/0
    Havoc 0/10/20/30/40

    Liquid Tamox 20/20/10/10/10

    I am trying to use up my leftover ph's from previous cycles and this is how I worked out my dosage with what I had available. Developed small case of gyno from one of my previous mdrol cycles that seemed to be a rebound effect and happened after pct about 1yr ago. I just monitored it and let it be and it stopped. Got about dime sized. Now my nipples are getting a little puffy and feeling sensitive again. Also, feeling some more tissue growth around one of my nipples possibly pseudogyno? I have letro and Tamox on hand. Never have used Letro before, but considering using it during the last three weeks on cycle then tapering off at pct and switching to tamox. I know to taper on and off, but I do not know if the appropriate dose is 2.5mg since I have seen posts saying opposing things. Any suggestions?

  2. Why didn't you do something about it before it go tot he size of a dime? you could have reversed it you did something about it...

  3. Well It wasn't really noticeable, I didn't have letro on hand at the time, and was uncertain about using letro heard some nasty things about it.

    I tapered up starting at .5mg increasing the dose at increments of .25mg daily and am now taking 2.5mg/Ed for the past 4 days. Seemed to help with acne i was staring to get from ph, have been feeling more tired lately, libido is slightly down, not really sure it might be in my head but gyno has seemed to shrink a little.

  4. Letro will kill your sex drive and your mood not ideal to use on cycle. You could of got a mild ai and might of gotten away with it. Use nolva after letro to prevent rebound.

  5. Yes but the reason I used the letro is to try and get rid both the gyno that formed this cycle and the small amount of pre-existing gyno. I do have Nolva on hand and will dose 20/20/10/10/10 after tapering off of letro.



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