question about when to take hcg

  1. question about when to take hcg

    My last sustanon shot is coming up in 2 days and, when should i use my hcg.
    When the sust half life is over?

  2. um, you should have been using HCG during the cycle, not during PCT being that HCG is suppressive.

  3. oh crap, so what do u suggest i should do?

  4. what else were you on? for how long? at what dosages?

    normal PCT protocol should be enough if you didn't go too crazy during the cycle, i.e. nolva, clomid, etc. not sure on the half life of sustanon, someone else will have to chime in for that.

  5. searched and found this. it may be of some help.


  6. im only on sust and im doing 500 mg, and sust's half life is about 3 weeks

  7. eh well in that case, IMO you'll be ok with just normal PCT without any HCG usage. nolva and clomid should do the trick.

  8. ok much thanks

  9. oh yeah and one more thing.
    sorry for asking this late but do you think i should use my hcg after pct?

  10. nope HCG will supress you, just hold on to it and use it with your next cycle DURING your cycle 2x a week at 250iu a clip

  11. alright thx

  12. Wait. He's using Sust, which has some long esters in it. Given the half life of the components, he would still benefit from using his HCG within a week to 10 days of his last shot. It would reawaken his balls and make recovery quicker during PCT.

    EDIT: Meaning that they will be in better shape when he starts PCT.



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