M1T and cholesterol question

  1. M1T and cholesterol question

    is it true that the more m1t you take, the worse you cholesverol will be?

    you guys that had blood test done, how!many mg's were you taking?


  2. Is it true, as in saying it is a fact? No.

    We do not have enough controlled test or studies. We have several variables in response to M1T on the lipids. Some have little effect on HDL and a dramatic effect on LDL. Others have dramatic impact on HDL and little on the LDL. Others have significant impact on both while others have little to both.

    Most of our feedback is based on PCT testing. In a lot of these cases we have no baseline to correlate with. I have seen guys hit hard with little doses and others hardly impact their lipids with 2-3x the amount.

    I have considered getting a cholesterol monitor to perform some more controlled testing. But again that is only on my results. If you really care (are concerned) about the impact on lipids then take a pre cycle lipid profile baseline. One week in take another, two weeks another, etc (or some interval), then PCT one week out and two etc (a la SuperSoldier style).

    This is the only way that you could be sure how you will respond. If you know in adavance that you have a HDL/LDL issue or an overall cholesterol issue it is not adviseable to use M1T. If you don't know...find out by testing.

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