help with blood work gyno

  1. I have had gyno before when young and dumb. Haven't done anything in forever except some old paravol I had which just gave me big loads and a really bad wet dream. Anyway it cause my old gyno to flare up so I quite and ran torem at 20 mg ed for about a month and it went away but then about a month later came back. I waited about a month and got some blood work done and these are the results. I don't understand what has caused the flare up again. I'm 29 only lift about 2 or 3 times a week.

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  2. Here's the rest
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  3. Sorry I also took erase pro starting at the 3rd week of torem for the last week and the 3 remaining weeks after. I said nolva in the first post but it was torem. The gyno did go away when on torem but came back.

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