4ad dosage question

  1. 4ad dosage question

    I'm doing a 10 day preload of 4ad and a 15 day m1t/4ad cycle...how much should I dose for 10 day load using orals and how much should I dose with 10mg of M1T using trans (I have orals to finnish up, also should I finnish all the orals or start with the trans because I will have some left for a cycle down the line, will trans go bad after say 9-12 months...?)

  2. Srew the pills get some more trans and do that all throughout. Takin M1T and another oral at the same time is harsh on the liver. Trans works a hell of a lot better too because the liver doesnt have to break it down which increases absorbtion.

  3. my question was about dosages...I already have the orals so I'd like to use them...

  4. 600mg is the minimum effective dose of oral 4ad, but 800-1000mg is pretty common. If this is a 1st cycle, 600-800mg throughout should be good. If you've run this before, go for 800-1000mg.

    Transdermals are better, but orals will work. Transdermals will last at least 2 years.

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