Erase Pro + Daa + (Clomid & Nolvadex ) PCT

  1. Erase Pro + Daa + (Clomid & Nolvadex ) PCT

    Hey guys!

    I'm new on this board, but reading the topics for a while. (Btw, sorry for my bad english)!

    I had a 16w Testosterone Propionat Cycle ( about 500mg/week), and now i'm going to finish it!

    Since a few days i started clomid at: 200/150/100/ and 50mg for 4 weeks totally
    + nolvadex: 7days: at 40mg/day
    after that 6 weeks at : 20mg/day

    Now i ordered Erase Pro and DAA( Fusion Supplements).. And i have some questions :

    1. Should i use these 2 products NOW while i'm on clomid+nolvadex.. or should i use them after i finished nolvadex?
    2. Would you recommend the DAA from Fusion Supplements? Or are there better products?
    3. Are there any other supplements which are good for LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING.. ( i prefer low bodyfat)..

    THANKS A LOT !!!))



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