Will Nolvadex show up in a Drug Test??

  1. Will Nolvadex show up in a Drug Test??

    Hi All,

    I am on my last week of a M1T / 4AD cycle
    Week 1 : 10mg M1T / 300mg 4AD
    Week 2 : 10mg M1T / 300mg 4AD
    Week 3 : 10mg M1T / 400mg 4AD
    Week 4 : 20mg M1T / 400mg 4AD

    Then I will be starting PCT of Tamoxifen Citrate & Milk Thistle.

    I have a Piss Drug test coming up in Jan. for Law Enforcement, so my question is .... Will any onf these supplements jeopardize my test results????
    I don't think M1T will show up in a Piss Drug Test (even if it did, it is technically still legal right), but what about the Tamoxifen Citrate ????

    Please advise...
    Thanx Again,

  2. doubtful...

  3. Highly unlikely that anyone would test for nolvadex. I would expect you to be fine.

  4. Yeah that is what I thought, I was just curious if the M1T, 4AD, and Nolva would throw any results off???

    Just getting nervous

  5. I got tested when using nolva and clomid after a cycle of deca, test and tren and nothing showed up so I doubt you have anything to worry about. And right now the m1t and 4ad are still legal anyway.



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