How many mg 1test trans in mohn/1test cutter?

  1. How many mg 1test trans in mohn/1test cutter?

    What is a good dose of 1test trans when mixed with mohn

    during a cutter?

    trying to keep as much muscle as possible with no lethargy.

  2. bump ........ sorry if you thought someone answered this

  3. damn anyone?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    damn anyone?
    well a low dose: 100/150mg trans.
    m4ohn should be oral of course.

  5. unless you weigh over 200 or have used many cylces. syr's answer should be a good starting point.

  6. depends how well you respond to 1-t, start witha low dose like syr recommended and work up if necessary

  7. im 6'3, 200lbs and for my second cycle i did 1-test trans at 400mg and m-4ohn at 32mg was a great cycle, but was probably some serious overkill on the 1-test(it shut me down hardcore). trying to cut/bulk will basically depend on your diet, i recc going a little under maintance cals when using m-4ohn, but you dont have to cut it back to bad as long as you get enough cardio in. the 100/150 1-test trans would be a low dose, i personally dont recc pyramiding dosage with 1-test, just pick something and stick with it. if it were me(and it will be in a couple of months) id go with 200mg 1-test/30'ish mg m-4ohn.

  8. 200-300mg 1T t/d with 24-36mg M4OHN I'd say. It does depend on experience, stats and your response, though. Those may be good for me, not for you. Someone who weighs 250 might want more. Too much 1T will mean lethargy, but the M4OHN should help. Possibly E/C as an additional boost, or one of the new non-ephedrine energizers. I use citrulline malate with BCAA's, coffee and/or E/C and/or green tea pre-workout and sometimes for all-around energizing. Good luck! Happy New Year!

  9. Yeah i figured around 200mgs never tried dermal 1test just m1t and ethergels and 1test cyp.

    I got the cardio in check 45mins at 65% max hrt rate low intensity 5 days ew.

    I figure ill drop 2-3 pounds each week of fat I was going strictly with the MOHN but feared it might not be strong enough to keep all muscle mass.


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