Started helladrol 5 weeks ago and it's gone great. Been bulking on it and went from 237 to 248 put on some fat or bloat or whatever but I haven't exactly been controlling my diet. Starting PCT next week. Maxes have gone up drastically

Back squat 435x3 to 450x5
Bench 315x1 to 355x1 (thank you smolov jr.)
Deadlift 385x1 to 455x1 (recovering from an injury)

All on Texas method except for bench

Some nice size gains all over.
Now I am considering dieselbolan v2.0 as my next cycle because it claims bigger leaner strength gains. Ill be doing it on a more restrictive bulk as to become as lean as possible

Planning on doing
Forged bromo
And 4-AD

With forma stanzol
Forged post cycle
And clomid pct

Liver joint and blood pressure support throughout along with protein and creatine.
Any ideas on dosing protocol? And how long I should wait after my current cycle before starting? Also anything I should add or remove?