Help needed with M 1 T

  1. Help needed with M 1 T

    Ok fellas I need some help with all these prohormones and such. I went to a local supplement store to check on some things and he told me to try M 1 T and get some liver protection, 6oxo to jump start your own test...... I have read alot of articles in this website about what happen to people while on it, pros and cons. So my question to you guys is what exactly do I take before, during, after, how much to take, how long to cycle, when I can start another cycle? Like I said I’m a newbie to the prohormone scene but I'm thinking about trying it. My goal is size and strength of course. Thanks for the help

  2. do a search on M1t. there is a lot of info on it. also if this is your first cycle you shoud start with something less harsh like 1ad/4ad. if your going to use m1t start off with 5mg if possible and stack with 4ad. 4ad helps with lethargy. go 2wks. pct 4wks with milk thisle for liver, 6oxo or nolva. I'm sure theres more but this would get you started. also bloodwork is recommended prior to.

  3. Read all the PH FAQ's in the stickies that should help.

  4. Thanks guys any info will help.... I appreciate it

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